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Indoor Air Quality: Advanced Air Filtration

Air Cleaners
Advanced air cleaners are able to help indoor air quality significantly by filtering microscopic pollutants from the air in your home. These include things like mold spores, pet dander, pollens, dust, smoke and even the common flu virus!

Air cleaners are mounted between the furnace and return air duct. A quality air cleaner is able to clean the air in your home several times an hour. They are a critical part to a total indoor air quality solution for ensuring your home air is pure and healthy to breathe. Additionally, filtered air helps protect your HVAC equipment.

The effectiveness of an air cleaner is measured with a MERV rating of 1 (least effective) to 16 (most effective).

HVAC Advice: The ability of even the best air cleaner to clean the air in your home multiple times an hour depends partly on your furnace/air handler. The furnace fan is responsible for circulating air in the home during both cooling and heating seasons. On older units this fan only has two modes: on or off. Modern furnaces have the option of variable speed fan motors which can quietly and efficiently keep air circulating in the home all of the time. This increases comfort, efficiency and air quality when using indoor air quality components.

HVAC Tip: Read more a bout IAQ: Indoor Air Quality Information.