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Whole Home Humidifier

Whole Home Humidifier:
Proper humidity levels are important for quality indoor comfort. Dry air can cause dry eyes, dry skin, excessive static electricity and even health related issues like nose bleeds. In the winter, a dry home costs more to heat because dry air feels cooler. Additionally, dry air can have adverse effects on woodwork, paintings and instruments.

The answer to dry air problems is a whole home humidifier plugged into your hvac system.

Fan Powered Humidifiers are independent units that add moisture directly into your ductwork with their own fans while a Bypass Humidifier works with your furnace to deliver moisture throughout your home.

HVAC Tip: Be aware than when purchasing a new humidifier, if you purchase a capable humidifier and thermostat, you can control exact moisture levels with the touch of a button!

HVAC Advice: If wondering about whether a fan powered or bypass is right for you, consider whether your furnace has a variable speed fan or not. If your furnace does not have a variable speed fan, a fan powered humidifier could be more beneficial while a bypass is fine for variable speed fan equipped furnaces (or air handlers).

HVAC Tip: Read more a bout IAQ: Indoor Air Quality Information.