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UV Lamps / Ultraviolet Air Purification

UV Lamp (UVC Lamp)

You can protect your HVAC system and your family from mold with UV air purifiers / UV Lamps.

The evaporator coil in your air conditioning system is responsible for cooling your indoor air. During the cooling season the furnace fan pulls air from the home and blows the air through the coil to extract extra heat and humidity. The resulting moisture that condenses on the frigid coil system can produce mold which not only affects the efficiency of your coil, but can cause mold spores to be released into your indoor air.

A UV lamp can be mounted directly inside your evaporator coil (or fan coil) to kill and prevent mold from growing. This same technology has actually been used by water treatment facilities for a long time.

UV lamps require little to no maintenance, and are a key part to total indoor air quality.

HVAC Advice: Remember that a UV lamp isn't just about indoor air quality - they keep your evaporator coil peforming efficiently. You don't want to spend money on an efficient air conditioner only to have a dirty coil take efficiency down.

HVAC Tip: Read more a bout IAQ: Indoor Air Quality Information.