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Thermostats & Zoning

Thermostats & Controls
Thermostats allow a plethora of options for controlling the comfort levels in your home! Thermostat options include things like humidity level control, wireless access, 7-day programming, hybrid system control and remote access which allows you to adjust your HVAC system with a simple phone call!

Zoning System
A zoning system is able to divide your home into different zones for better energy efficiency and comfort control. By adjusting the comfort levels in zones you are able to accurately compensate for areas that might have high ceilings, receive direct sunlight or are located near frequently used entrances. This flexibility ensures that you are only using the energy needed while retaining a perfect indoor climate.

HVAC Advice: Thermostats are designed and built to certain standards that allow interoperability across different manufacturer platforms which means you can choose your thermostat independent of the brand of your HVAC equipment. However, be sure to check the compatibility of controls for the options you desire such as hybrid system control or humidity control, etc.

Residential Thermostat Simulator

Below is a thermostat simulator courtesy of Source 1® thermostats. This Source 1 thermostat model is an example of one capable of wireless control, remote dial in (via accessories) and hybrid system control (heatpump/furnace auto switch during heating season):

Source 1® LX Programmable Thermostat

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  LX Residential Simulator

Key Features:

  • Switchable: programmable or non-programmable. Choose 7-day, 5+2 day or 1-day programming
  • Up to 4 heat & 2 cool stages with humidity control
  • Gas, electric or heat pump control
  • Bi-color LED Indicates a cooling or heating demand
  • Programmable extra output
  • Control to, or monitor a 2nd temperature sensor
  • Accepts USB programmer, RF temp. sensors, Comfort Call™ and Add-A-Wireless thermostat accessories
LX Programmable Thermostat Brochure