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Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery Ventilators

Would you like a way to exchange the stale air in your home with fresh air from outside without losing energy? Ventilators allow you to do this during both cooling and heating seasons, thus forcing stale air out and replenishing your indoor air.

Heat Recovery Ventilators conserve heat by reclaiming energy and humidity from the exchanged air during the winter while Energy Recovery Ventilators protect energy used to cool and dehumidify indoor air during the cooling season. Energy Recovery Ventilators are able to transfer moisture between the two air streams (however ERVs cannot take the place of a humidifier completely).

HVAC Advice: the best indoor air quality levels are achieved by using all four parts: ventilators, UV lamps, air cleaners and whole home humidifiers. Picking one component out of the four to work solo will help, but it will not do the job alone. Each has a specific purpose for one overall goal: healthy indoor air.

HVAC Tip: Read more a bout IAQ: Indoor Air Quality Information.